What do you mean by SHARED HOSTING?

What do you mean by SHARED HOSTING?

What is a shared hosting service?

The shared hosting service refers to the most commonly offered hosting service where a number of users share the resources of a server. Each user has their own account on the server and, depending on the account’s features, has a partition of the server’s resources.

Shared web hosting service refers to web hosting service where many sites are located Web server connected to the Internet. This is usually the cheapest hosting option because the overall cost of server maintenance is cushion about many customers.

The reason for shared hosting is that it is based on the idea that most websites do not generate enough inbound traffic or do not link enough server resources to cause problems for other sites on the same site. shared server. In fact, hosting providers almost always provide enough resources to perform all the features of all websites shared by this server. Since they only pay for one server, service providers benefit greatly from sharing servers in several parts.

So, of course, this might be a bit cheaper if you choose a hosting plan, but it’s worth it, compared to the more complete full-service server options of your site to get all the space, the energy and regulation you need? Believe it or not, the answer is almost always yes! Shared hosting is incredibly affordable, and unless thousands of visitors use intensive widgets every month on your site, hosting will meet your needs.

However, due to the training, consider the advantages and disadvantages of using shared hosting on a personal private server, so that you or your business can make the most informed decision about it.

Resources are not infinite

Contrary to what seems to be a popular belief among amateur or even experienced site owners trying to host your site on shared servers, you do not have infinite resources to run the site. On the other hand, your bandwidth is certainly accelerated at some point to save the bandwidth of other sites on your collective server. This means that pages with high traffic, high data and pages will feel even more pronounced if the bandwidth limit is enabled, but if your site is not particularly large, no problem should appear here.

Unfortunately, you are not the only one who can cause noise in a collective resource. Each person involved can easily exceed your limits and use too much disk space and bandwidth for your personal pages, leaving an empty space for all visitors who might find their site. This is a problem that does not happen often or for long, but it is important to remember that this possibility is always present.

However, if your site is monopolizing all resources, you may need to upgrade your hosting service to a more expensive plan to compensate for the use of your site. In such a case, it would probably be better to consider renting your own private and personal server, which will impose little or no restrictions on the growth of your site.

Wide range of choices

The number of hosting providers in the United States reaches thousands and includes small family businesses wishing to sell scores on rented servers. Corporate web with large professional farm servers. This is good news for the customer because it opens a wide range of available options that meet the needs of your site and your shared server.

Your first choice should be a superficial search on Google or Bing to see if you can find an important name in the game with hosting. Some popular companies offering quality services at an affordable price include Whoinc, Hostgator, Dreamhost and site5, but that’s not all.

Specific characteristics

This step is all that will be needed for 99% of people and businesses looking for a shared hosting server, but what if you want a specialized service? What happens if you need a personalized plan that matches the type of business or style you want your brand to send? Start by looking for features that will require hosting services.

Then, there are some options that you can keep in mind in your search: an online dashboard, many operating system options, support for multiple programming languages, MySQL and more for databases and even support for users all of which can make or break a shared host provider’s level of quality.

Also be sure to take into account the flaws in general for renting space on a shared server. There will always be limited storage space, and especially limited space for expansion if needed. Even if the sales service page requires unlimited disk space and/or bandwidth, remember that there is always an upper limit.

If you consider yourself an “experienced user” (that is, you need more control over your server), you may find that this hosting method can often be a problem. Those who are less technical, most of us, will find that this option is the most practical. Consider all these tips and you should have no trouble choosing the best hosting services for your needs without spending too much!

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Why sign up for a shared hosting service?

With the shared web hosting service, all the users share the cost of server maintenance, which makes it the most economical hosting option for a large selection of users. Because of the excellent price/quality ratio of the fully featured shared hosting packages, they are suitable for personal web pages, company and business websites, and also for e-commerce solutions. Actually, some shared hosting packages provide more features and services than the expensive VPS and dedicated hosting solutions.

Common hosting plans often include a web hosting dashboard. Users also have a number of tools and wizards that make it easy to set up websites.

For example, we, in Whoinc Hosting, provide 1-click installation program for PHP script Free with us all Web hosting plans with our CMS Hosting plans we go further: all Joomla, WordPress, 4images, and eLearning   include free installation of scripts when setting up the account, so that web hosting account comes with a pre-installed site environment.

Other useful website building options are provided with our value, Plus, Exclusive packages that include a free website builder software solution that lets everyone, from beginners to experienced webmasters, create a single, professional website with multiple mouse clicks.

Restrictions for shared hosting

Shared web hosting server servers. Several sites, which share disk space, memory and connection Internet. Therefore, in order to provide a quality service to all users of a particular server, shared hosting plans have limitations as to the number and type of connections established on the server web page. In addition, most hosting servers have load balancing software loaded and impose CPU load limits on their users. If the client script or site uses more than the allocated CPU quota, the server temporarily blocks the load process. In this way, the web pages of all other clients work faster and without problems.

Another restriction to shared hosting service. It refers to the amount of storage space that users can use for their sites. There are also database storage limits related to disk space size in database server where clients store their databases.

Several things useful for a small business as a website. Web traffic can increase the visibility and efficiency of the business. For small businesses, this can be a difference between success and failure. There are several options for novice webmasters in hosting data. Some large companies opt for dedicated servers, but for small businesses, hosting is usually the best and cheapest. Shared hosting is when two or multiple sites use the same server and share bandwidth and resources. This is seen in many free website builders and then in more secure solutions for small business servers.

Types of shared hosting

Shared hosting can be categorized in two ways, depending on the mode of use, depending on the name and IP address. Shared name hosting is a site where we actually have different sites. They are on the server and have the same IP address, but they differ by name. It works well according to the standards in force, but if a user uses an older version, the guarantee does not exist. Another type of IP-based hosting provides a solution to this problem because in this case each website has a separate IP address and the call to a particular site indirectly refers to a unique IP address. This is done in such a way that virtualization takes place at the network level within the server and that the same server serves as a destination for many different IP addresses. The second option is the most favorable unless the hosting context is perfectly adapted to the first one.

Benefits of the shared hosting plan.

  • economical compared to other hosting platforms
    • A simple hosting platform for customers with limited experience of the accommodation
    • physical security of the data centre location
    • physical safety of the system data centre location.

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The advantages of shared web hosting services

The biggest advantage of shared web hosting is also one of its flaws. If it is useful not to pay for a server with such a large bandwidth if you do not intend to use it, it also means that you cannot exceed a certain amount of traffic or data stored. However, if you plan to generate low or moderate traffic at any time on your site, hosting may be the ideal solution. It’s also a great help for novice users that most current websites come with “site builders”, programs that help you configure, design and complete your website.   The site with the information you need. Shared hosting is usually cheaper. Since many hosting sites are free (although they offer far fewer options than websites pay) and others are always cheaper than dedicated servers, because they are more economical or those with less capital, the shared server is a perfect compromise.

Ease of use in shared websites should not be overlooked either. While many dedicated servers offer technical support, shared hosts are typically designed for those who do not have a webmaster who knows all the programming details. Many free hosting sites offer developers programs and forums that other site designers can share with them.

Obviously, you can see that shared hosting services on many websites, therefore, require cheaper web hosting services instead of the traditional single-server concept that includes quite a price high, another benefit is for less technical friends who want to host a site. You cannot expect everyone to know the details of the administration. Generally, server administration is performed by the service provider in the case of shared hosting. This eliminates the problem of managing the server: the management of a   website via an interactive dashboard is what the host has to do. But an experienced person wants to have full control of the server and, in this case, this is not offered because the server shares several pages.

Once you have chosen a shared server, it is important to decide whether the service provider takes into account all the necessary and important factors.

As a result, we see this hosting as a hosting service where many websites share the same server, which offers the potential to reduce costs as a benefit to the host. A minor side effect is that the extension of the control expected by an expert may not be available if it is directed to a shared server.

Disadvantages of shared web hosting services



Considering the fact that a dedicated hosting server is a highly sought after web hosting service, many do not choose it because of its high budget. Most webmasters will become a shared hosting. In other words, hosting is the most popular web hosting market today.

However, it is the most popular, it is not a type of web hosting without problems. Nothing is perfect in this world. Shared hosting has its limits. although, hosting remains adequate and convenient web hosting for many. With careful selection, a good common web hosting provider will provide excellent service to meet the needs of your website and will give you success in your business.

The number one concern about hosting is reliability. Shared hosting refers to the situation of a shared server where the user will have limited access control to their websites. This means that they will have to wait for their server to deal with some problems unexpectedly. This is usually due to unhealthy scripts running on the shared server.

Secondly, the billing system is problematic. Shared hosting will constantly ask you to update, which will have an extra cost for your budget. As a result, new web hosting users with a lack of experience will pay and receive nothing in return. a good webs hosting company with a transparent billing system is a great choice like whoinc. In addition, you know very clearly that you pay to be able to benefit from each investment.

Another limitation of shared web hosting is a limited additional domain. Some companies promise only complementary domains with up to 5 additional domains. It is therefore important to choose reputable or more companies offering an unlimited domain. We must, of course, stay away from small businesses that exaggerate their services and functions.

The last element to consider in a joint venture is technical support. A company with poor technical support will be terrible for your business. On the other hand, good technical support will make your works very well. Many hosting companies offer software updates and maintenance. Therefore, when looking for a common hosting company, be sure to analyze this aspect.

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Restrictions on web hosting Why is it commercial? better than free –

The free hosting offers are never the same as their paid colleagues because these free options do not have different features that are really important for those who want to succeed commercially. As it is clear, those who want to succeed in creating an online business should stop believing in free hosting services. By choosing to use such free hosting solutions, not only the risk of losing the respect of potential customers, but also the restrictions associated with multimedia.

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