Marvel’s Avengers video game to be revealed at E3

Marvel’s Avengers video game to be revealed at E3


You’ll learn much more next week at E3.


Marvel’s Avengers video game will be detailed at E3 next week.

The long-awaited Avengers Project will be unveiled on June 10 at 6 p.m. PT during a presentation at the show by Japanese game developer Square Enix, Marvel tweeted Wednesday.

The announcement of the MCU-based game will be livestreamed on Square Enix’s site.

The Avengers video game was first announced in January 2017, with Crystal Dynamics and Deus Ex studio Eidos Montreal attached to the project, according to CNET sister site GameSpot.

“They say the time of heroes is over. That if you’re ‘different,’ you’re dangerous. But I know the truth. The world will always need heroes. We just need to reassemble,” the narration in the original teaser trailer says.

The teaser showed a damaged Iron Man’s hand, Captain America’s shield and Thor’s hammer, with the tagline “reassemble.”

“The Avengers project is being designed for gamers worldwide and will be packed with all the characters, environments and iconic moments that have thrilled longtime fans of the franchise,” a Square Enix press release said at the time. “Featuring a completely original story, it will introduce a universe gamers can play in for years to come.”

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