It’s time to take an annual look at what will happen to SEO professionals in 2019.

What SEO strategies and tactics will it work on, and will it help you dominate the SERP and generate more revenue in 2019?

Here are the important trends you should know in 2019, according to the best SEO professionals.

Understand your Audience and User Intent

Does your audience want text, images, video, sound? Knowing that all this will be more important than ever in 2019. “Even if the content of your website is perfectly written and optimized, if it addresses a wrong target audience, the work will not develop”, so you must understand what someone hopes to find by consulting a word or phrase and giving it the simplest possible way answer. ”

Now it’s time to stop combining keyword phrases and make sure your content fully answers the questions your audience poses by searching.

Go Beyond Google Search

SEO appears everywhere, and people are looking for, not just the first blue link. Therefore, you must learn to focus traffic and dedication on things that are not just websites.

“If potential customers are looking for apps, you need to rank in app stores, and if they’re looking for podcasts or videos, you’ll need to rank where people search for those things.” “Strong brands become multiple aspects, ranking more than websites, doing the same thing”

In the end, all this requires the best content on the fastest platforms, designed to satisfy users everywhere.

Marking Structured Data is Crucial

“With the growing importance of artificial intelligence for Google, structured data is also becoming increasingly important.” No matter the quality, if it takes to much time to” Get”the information you need, it will never be good. Prompt treatment, content and their mutual relations “.

You need to start observing and understanding structured data, patterns, active and passive search behaviors, and how they can be associated with behavior.

“Use your existing content by integrating structured and verifiable information that is a critical link between objective reality and a future without screens.”

Invest in Technical Referencing

The complexity of websites continues to grow each year, making technical referencing an important investment area in 2019 and beyond.

The technical aspects of SEO optimization will be as follows:

Speed: “Sites will eventually become simpler and faster as SEO reveals that Google rewards websites designed for the speed of the first significant image more than once.

JavaScript: “New Year means that JavaScript will encourage even more websites (probably one of the best frames, such as React, Vue.js and Angular.) This means it’s time to know less about JavaScript and how better search engines work better with JavaScript sites. ”

Progressive Web Apps (PWA): “By 2019, you should start thinking about how your site might live in the future as a PWA.” How can your PWA become a flexible experience that users would like to put on the home screen? “

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