Fortnite season 10: Rift beacon activates in Neo Tilted and mechs storm the map

Fortnite season 10: Rift beacon activates in Neo Tilted and mechs storm the map


Fortnite season 10

Fortnite season 10 is a go. 

Epic Games

Fortnite season 10, aka season X, is live. The new season doesn’t yet have any of the big sweeping changes found in previous seasons, but it looks as though the island will be in a state of flux throughout the next 12 weeks until the start of season 11, which could be sometime in October. 

What’s new?

On Monday, players saw something in the Neo Tilted area. A Rift Beacon was activated, creating a rift above the location. 

Nothing has happened yet, but rifts could be part of the season 10 storyline. Data miners already discovered a new version of Neo Tilted called Tilted Town, which could change due to the rift. 

Season 10 rundown

The biggest change in Fortnite season 10 is a two-player mech called the BRUTE. The robot acts as a vehicle, with one player controlling its movement while the other can use its weapons, which include a shotgun and a missile launcher. Players can also use the mech’s Overshield ability, which will consume 200 materials of any type. 

Fortnite players took to the game’s subreddit to complain that the new mech is overpowered. Several threads included memes of how ridiculously powerful the BRUTE is. One thread has a fake tweet from Epic saying it’ll make changes to the mech to make it more balanced. One user posted a video of himself winning a match with the BRUTE, saying he didn’t deserve the Victory Royale. Even Fortnite World Cup champion Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf had trouble with the mech

The Fortnite map for season 10 didn’t change, which is unusual for the start of a new season. In the v10.0 patch notes, Epic said Rift Zones will make locations from the past reappear. One data miner found assets in the update that show Neo Tilted may change to an Old West theme called Tilted Town. 

As teased by Epic during the Fortnite World Cup, Dusty Depot is now back on the island. There was also one addition to the map, although it’s above the island and not on it. The meteor from the season 3-ending event that destroyed Dusty Depot is in stasis above the impact point. 

fortnite season 10 map

The map for Fortnite season 10.

Epic Games

Players can actually enter the meteor to find items and the capsule that contained the Visitor who was responsible for the rocket launch event in season 4 that began this whole time crisis. 

Fortnite is available on PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC, and Android and iOS devices.

Originally published on July 28.
Update, Aug. 2: Adds reactions to the new season.

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