Are Backlinks still important today?

The answer is simple, yes, backlinks are still important for SEO. All studies related to SEO are consistent with the fact that in terms of ranking Google, websites with the most powerful links appear at the top of the list in Google.

What are the backlinks?

The backlinks in SEO are nothing more than links to your site that you provide on another site that takes you back to your site. This is for you: in the old days, Google’s ranking algorithm depended almost entirely on a portfolio of backlinks on the site. Black Hat SEO analysts can easily hack these algorithms and manipulate them easily.


Why are Backlinks in SEO still important?

SEO consists of many small and important tasks and moving parts. These tasks are equally important to optimize your website in search engines. SEO backlinks are part of these small but important parts. They help you build the domain and authority of your site’s site.

  • Guides for visitors to your site

SEO Backlinks offer visitors many ways to find your site. When a visitor reads an important topic and finds that a link is highlighted somewhere, it is more likely to click on a link. If this link brings these visitors to your site, determine the number of visitors your site receives daily.

  • Increase website traffic if it’s used on social networks

In addition to using backlink in your blog, you can also use backlinks in social networks. You can share a blog on your Facebook page or send it to Twitter with a link to this article. Even when you share your job postings on LinkedIn, you can add a link to your site.

  • Improve your popularity

Sometimes, comments on other popular sites can give you a link back. Or you can enable the back link of your site yourself. This means that you can increase the popularity of your website or pages by simply providing quality comments in the comments section.

  • Allowed comments

SEO experts manipulate Google by providing site links from thousands of fictitious directories. These backlinks had neither quality nor content. Then, Google has updated its PageRank algorithms to check the quality of comments. These quality backlinks help Google analyze the authority of your site. What makes your site more reliable, you will have a better ranking for specific keywords.

  • It serves as an indicator of credibility

You can brag about it when you create many great messages when you create your links on many credible third-party sites. Many brands provide the display of the logos of the publications in which they appeared. These logos act as features that make your brand a credible option for your target audience.

  • Backlinks Last Forever

Paid advertisements or other paid marketing tactics have a time limit and validity. To increase the validity of the campaign, you must pay more. But your quality links will last as long as the site remains active and help you get a permanent location on the Google search pages.

In this way, you will have traffic from this site to your site. No backlinks, you will have a hard time positioning yourself in the search engine.

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